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Face of Mankind is a multiplayer online action game
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Face of Mankind is a multiplayer online action game. It is basically an online first person shooter, with strong role-playing influences. It is quite different from other games because it is community driven. This means that you won't battle monsters or anything like that. You will only fight alongside and against other players. Every weapon, armor or any kind of item is created by other players. Even the role-playing part is mostly among players. The only NPC's (non-player characters) within the game can give you some quests.

The game starts off with the character creation. You don't have a lot of options, but this isn't a problem since players will differentiate themselves with helmets, armors and so on. After that you are given the option to complete a tutorial or just go and play. Since it is an online shooter I thought I could go without a tutorial. I was wrong. The game is very complex and it has a lot of features, you don't just go in there and start shooting other players. There are 8 factions which you can choose from and each one has its perks and limitations. You have to manually select a faction once in the game. You can switch between them later on if you are not satisfied with what you've chosen. The game tutorial actually recommends that you ask other players for help. This can give you a broad idea of how much the game is community driven. Factions are lead by other players, meaning that if you play well enough you can become a faction leader one day.

The gameplay varies depending on what faction you choose and on what exactly you want to do in the game. You can do quests, kill other players at random, or protect other members of your faction and more. I really liked the game, however it is quite difficult for new players to get the hang of it fast. It requires some dedication if you want to experience all its features.

Dennis Niels
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  • Nice community of players
  • High player base
  • Many features


  • Outdated graphics
  • It is rather difficult to play
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